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Strong bones in 5 steps

Bone is living! Old bone breaks down and there will be new in its place. The first 30 years of your life is even more than it disappears. Thereafter, the watch is blown. We looked to the core of how you can maintain your frame and spoil. Without our skeleton, we would like a tent [...]

Causes heart attack

The main cause of heart attack (myocardial infarction) is a blockage of the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries supply the heart itself with blood. Gradually there is fat (cholesterol) against the walls of the arteries. This allows the blood flow through the heart muscle is already less. At some point the arteries get so close [...]

Heart and vascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is the umbrella term for all diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. It is a very broad subject. These issues will therefore not go into the details. If you want to know more, you can click on a condition. Cardiovascular diseases are the major killers in the Netherlands to both men [...]

Top 12 foods to prevent heart disease

Vegetarian etenEen healthy diet is especially important for your health. Usually only look at the amount of calories, but not what enters your body. If you have a diet rich in processed foods, simple carbohydrates, high in saturated fats and trans fats and deficient in important nutrients, then the chances are that you will later [...]

5 tips for a healthy heart

A healthy heart and healthy vessels are vital. They ensure that provide our body with oxygen and nutrients. But how do you keep the engine of our body - an average of 3 billion times in a lifetime right - healthy, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease? Exercise is important to keep the heart [...]

The basis is always the discussion with the doctor (anamnesis). As a rule, it leads first the GP, who usually knows his patient and his medical history well. This means that he will take into account existing and existing illnesses, allergies, medication and the professional background. If the skin problems have re-emerged or a basically [...]

Drying (dehydration, exsikkose): The body can dry out if it loses more liquid than it absorbs. Endangered are people who do not drink enough. One reason for this is sometimes a disturbed feeling of thirst, such as in a higher age. Even those who sweat a lot, have diarrhea or fever, and do not adjust [...]

Dry Skin: When to the doctor? If you are naturally prone to dry skin, a certain skin protection and care products adapted to the skin type often help (see also section "Therapy"). Sometimes it is enough to change the habits of care, choose other cosmetics, drink more and feed more balanced to improve skin condition. [...]

An Introduction to Dry Skin Problem

In the face, dry skin often appears tired and pale. Sometimes thin scales and red spots appear. On rough cheeks develop fine fine wrinkles. The skin is particularly easy to stretch and itch over the shoulders above the shins, feet, hands, elbows and forearms. If the skin lacks fat and moisture, it is pulled together [...]

Vitamins for the hair

Especially for women, beautiful hair is a symbol of femininity and a not to be underestimated aspect for a healthy self-awareness. But also the men's world has now realized that full, healthy head hair simply simply gets better. No wonder the market for hair care products is flourishing. These products can often only have a [...]